SEO, copy and more


IGC has strong experience in providing web content services to corporate clients within iGaming industry. We believe in quality of content and put a lot of effort into our texts. Our focal languages are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. Throughout our years in the industry we have gathered a network of freelance writers who both are well familiar with an iGaming industry and are proficient in a number of other languages such as English, German, Dutch and Russian.

We strive towards clear and adequate deadlines and provide our customers with a money-back guarantee in case the set deadlines are not met. We consider the companies that request our services as our partners and, in many cases, friends – rather than customers. We believe in an absolutely decisive role of mutual availability and close contact. Every partner gets access to a personal Project Manager who gets immersed into the project and, in many cases, becomes the leader that makes our partners solve their problems quicker.

Furthermore, all of our employees are co-owners of the company. This means that we all are interested in providing you the best service possible. We don’t believe in hiring cheap labour force for external communication and sales. We see ourselves – our commitment, skills and industry background – as our main USP.

Turnkey SEO Sites

Many of our customers want to outsource as much as it gets to their partners in order to be able to focus on strategic decisions instead of coordination.If you prefer to have a “one stop shop” partner for your SEO, IGC is the right choice.

We can help you with content, translations, design and all technical aspects of a good SEO site.
Such a collaboration requires a thorough discussion prior to your order so that we fully understand your needs.
Together we will go through all the steps of the process and start by creating a pilot site for you.


When we have received your feedback and met your expectations, we normally sign a quarterly agreement for a number of sites and languages that you are interested in.
All you will need to do with this setup is to check and sign-off the final products.
We are, of course, ready to provide you with other types of content than SEO Copy.
Please, contact us by +34 6 0263525 or in order to discuss your needs in detail and see how IGC can solve your problems best.