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Mystery Shopping – a base for improving your quality

Mystery Shopping is a unique package of services provided by IGS.
You will not find anything similar out there.

As we possess good knowledge of online gaming industry, content and customer experience, we have been asked over and over again by numerous gambling site operators to provide valuable feedback on the site and its services.

In the beginning we were helping our customers for free on ad hoc basis.
This was helpful, but we were convinced that a proper mystery shopper service by industry specialists would need more time. The customers agreed.

It became clear that there is a need for a product, a structure for it and a reasonable price model that the industry could accept.

We have decided to split the services in five different modules: Communication, Affiliates, Product, Portfolio and Services.

The next step was to specify what each module should provide to the customer and to calculate how time-demanding every step would be so that a reasonable price tag could be set.

Finally, when we had a concept ready, we decided on following rules of thumb for ourselves for the IGC Mystery Shopping product:

– You will receive a final document that is easy to understand all across the organization.

– We will provide a total anonymity for all our customers that order Mystery Shopping if they so wish.

– We are setting a reasonable price on what we do. We will not do a hard-sell of this service and will not spend time on convincing companies buying this service and will be doing it only for those who trust our skills.

– Providing ideas and valuable information rather than bragging with an eye candy.
We will not put focus onto beautiful presentation of the results, but instead invest more hours into actual service as such.

– Not demanding any additional data. We will use all the information available and will not request any sensitive data or access to anything that is not open for its audience for our analysis

– Instead of aiming for academic or professional excellence, we will aim to provide as many creative ideas that are possible to implement

Hence, IGC Mystery Shopping is not a tool for you who looks for an audit each and every department, but for you who needs a great resource base for improving on current processes and searches a professional team with a fresh eye on things.

Our clients include but are not limited to:

– Owners and members of the board who are in need for ideas and a second opinion, but do not have time to test and process all the data available;

– Top level executives (CEO, COO, CTO) who no longer feel that their view on things is objective enough;

– White label or Turnkey solution owners who want to test the services of their partners and know what changes to demand;

– Marketing Managers who want to get a good benchmarking data
– Department Managers who feel lack of creative ideas and want to allocate part of their budget on independent analysis

The price of the service is set to be affordable not only for the company as such, but also for an individual employee who does not have any budget available for this type of investments, but still feels the need for this service.

Note that it is up to you to decide what site you want to get an analysis on.
You don’t have to have any connections with the site, hence you also a free to order an analysis of a competitor.

The program starts with us registering at least 3 accounts at your site and an affiliate account.
We do deposits, withdrawals, play and do the testing in at least 3 different languages.

Let’s go into details with what each step of Mystery Shopping really is all about:


– Communication “on-site”
– Retention Newsletters
– Customer Lifecycle Communication

– Level of Service of your Affiliate Department
– Quality of affiliate materials provided
– Structure of affiliate commission

– Payment flow on site
– Bonus wagering requirements
– Available payment methods

– Game Categorization on site
– Localization of Games and Games order provided
– Selection of suppliers


– Quality of Customer Service Communication
– Availability of Customer Service
– Responsible Gaming

When executing testing we are also writing down all the additional ideas we get that do not cover the above mentioned areas. We include those in the final document as an Appendix.

As an extra free service we create a separate document regarding the areas we feel that we can provide more consulting on. This document gets provided only if the company you order to run CAPPS for has connections with you and you have chosen not to be anonymous with who you are. This might serve as a good indication on what to focus on, in case you wish to cover these areas using internal resources.

When service is finished we will also provide you with the information on test accounts that have been used so that you can both get a proof on the service provided and check the claims of our final document if needed. We will also charge you the sum of deposits you want us to do on the site you test.

Please, understand that Mystery Shopping is not something we consider being our main product.
This is a cool thing that we like to do.
So availability of the personnel assigned for Mystery Shopping might be limited.
Contact us in order to schedule your Mystery Shopping at +3460263525 /