How it works


IGC CAPP starts with us registering at least 3 accounts on your site and an affiliate account.
We also run a short competitor analysis and select 5 sites as a benchmark.

We do deposits, withdrawals, play and do the testing in at least 3 different languages:

Let’s have a closer look at what CAPP really is all about:



  • Communication “on-site”
  • Retention Newsletters
  • Customer Lifecycle Communication



  • Level of Service of your Affiliate
  • Quality of affiliate materials provided
  • Structure of affiliate commission



  • Payment flow on site
  • Bonus wagering requirements
  • Available payment methods



  • Game Categorization on site
  • Localization of Games and Games order provided
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Quality of Customer Service Communication
  • Availability of Customer Service
  • Responsible Gaming


When executing testing we are also writing down all the additional ideas we get that do not cover the above mentioned areas. We include those in the final document as an Appendix.

As an extra free service we create a separate document regarding the areas we feel that we can provide more consulting on. This document is provided only if the company you order to run CAPP for has connections with you and you have chosen not to be anonymous with who you are. This might serve as a good indication on what to focus on, in case you wish to cover these areas using internal resources.

The total price of CAPP is 4,250 EUR per site. This includes a 10 000 word document and 30 hours of testing guarantee. When CAPP is finished we will also provide you with the information on test accounts that have been used so that you can both get a proof on the service provided and check the claims of our final document if needed.

We will also charge you the sum of deposits you want us to do on the site you test.

Please, understand that CAPP is not something we consider being our main product. This is a cool thing to do. We love this product and, also, see it as a perfect opportunity to start a long-term relationships with new partners or strengthen the existing ones. Normally we tend to over-deliver on CAPP as we love what we are doing and feel we can help to make the difference. IGC uses a number of industry professionals for providing this service. We cannot provide you exact information on people involved into the project due to partial anonymity of our collaborator network. As non of the data used during CAPP is secret, there is no risk for you whatsoever and, hence, no need to receive information on people involved in the project.

Each IGC CAPP project lasts 4 weeks as this time is needed in order to complete testing of all modules.

Current dates for CAPP in 2015 are no longer available:

January 1st – January 31st
April 25th – May 25th