For whom?


Our clients include but are not limited to:

  • Owners and members of the board who are in need for ideas and a second opinion, but do not have time to test and  process all the data available;
  • Top level executives (CEO, COO, CTO) who no longer feel that their view on things is objective enough;
  • White label or Turnkey solution owners who want to test the services of their partners and know what changes to  demand;
  • Marketing Managers who want to get a good benchmarking data;
  • Department Managers who feel lack of creative ideas and want to allocate part of their budget on independent analysis

The price of the service is set to be affordable not only for the company as such, but also for an individual employee who does not have any budget available for this type of investments, but still feels the need for this service.


Get started!

It is easy to get started with CAPP. All you need to do is to apply and we will contact you for discussing the time frames as we are busy on other projects and do not plan resources for CAPP in advance.

Note that it is up to you to decide what site you want to get an analysis on. You don’t have to have any connections with the site, hence you also a free to order an analysis of a competitor.


Our SEO Services

We are an extension to iGaming operators’ SEO inhouse groups. With in depth knowledge onpage/offpage along with web development skills we are a useful weapon to anyone investing in SEO.