Content & Localisation


IGC can help you with copy and industry specific translation services.

This translation niche is currently oligopolized by a handful of companies.

According to our partners the quality of translations is often poor as the writers are not familiar with iGaming industry.
This is also the main reason of why the original copy is written in-house.

We at IGC have the advantage of knowing both the industry and the languages, which makes us to a perfect alternative.

For now as we focus on SEO Copy, we agree on providing copywrite and translation services only in case high quality is demanded and fair deadlines have been given.

In case you need an excellent content for your site or campaign, we are the right choice.
If in turn you need a lot of texts translated quickly, we will most likely suggest you to turn to large “Fordist” content plants.

Translation projects that we are best skilled at include Casino/Slots game related content, Terms & Conditions, bingo and sportsbook sites, poker school and FAQ.


One of the main problems of the industry is the poor language of sites.
The lingo used in iGaming is hard to learn in case you are not a player or not involved into industry.

Throughout the years we have seen so many bad examples of bad content that we could publish a book about it.
Many iGaming companies close down in the markets due to poor results without ever understanding that the only reason for the poor results was horrendous language.

As we are very anal when it comes perfect language, we offer localisation services.
We love doing it and will provide you not only with feedback regarding content, but also with our ideas on what the customers in the particular market might want you to change. It can be all from colors and campaigns to game order and payment providers.

We will help you both in case you already have an up and running site that needs a review and in case you need to add a new language from scratch.


The main focus of IGC is the content. We have, however, great designers in our team as well.
We work on infographics and web design projects with a number of our customers.

So if you need help with creating a site design, banners or convert your FAQ into cool infographic movies, we might provide you with the best solution.

Your IGC Manager will collect the requirements from you and ensure that two people are involved into your design project: an iGaming industry specialist and a designer.